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Fun loving lady who loves the outdoors Love the coast where I live. I work for a charity with inmates and adults with learning disabilities

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Are you tired of swiping through profiles of people miles away? Look no further – Worcestershire Singles is your key to unlocking romance right in the heart of Worcestershire!

At Worcestershire Singles, we believe in the magic of local connections. Say goodbye to long-distance woes and hello to meaningful relationships with singles in your very own county. Whether you're in Worcester, Malvern, Redditch, or Evesham, your perfect match might be down the road.

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Our platform is tailor-made for singles in Worcestershire, ensuring that you meet singles who share your local experiences, values, and love for Worcestershire's picturesque landscapes. Find someone special who appreciates the beauty of the Malvern Hills or the tranquility of the River Severn.

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Your security and privacy are our top priorities. Worcestershire Singles employs robust security measures, including SSL encryption, to ensure your online dating experience is worry-free. Focus on building connections while we take care of the rest.

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Worcestershire Singles is home to a vibrant community of diverse singles. From different walks of life, backgrounds, and interests, our platform ensures you'll find like-minded individuals seeking companionship, romance, and genuine connections.


Navigating love should be easy, and that's why we've designed Worcestershire Singles with a user-friendly interface. Access your matches, send messages, and explore detailed member profiles effortlessly, all from the comfort of your favorite device.

Getting that first date - making your first move

When reaching out for that crucial first date, start with a warm greeting, using their name for a personal touch. Express genuine interest by referencing something specific from their profile. Infuse a bit of humor or cleverness to set a friendly and inviting tone. Keep the message positive and enthusiastic about the possibility of getting to know them better.

Encourage a two-way conversation by asking open-ended questions that invite them to share more about themselves. Balance the dialogue by sharing a brief tidbit about your own interests or experiences. When offering compliments, be thoughtful and specific, steering clear of generic clichés.

Keep your message concise and easy to read, ensuring proper grammar and spelling for a polished impression. Conclude with a call to action, suggesting a casual next step like grabbing coffee or discussing a shared interest. The key is authenticity, creating a connection that sparks interest and sets the stage for a memorable first date.

Now you are armed with the knowledge to create a lasting first impression, here are some interesting and unique dating ideas for your first date.

Worcester dating ideas

Stroll Through Gheluvelt Park

Begin your date with a leisurely walk through the beautiful Gheluvelt Park. Enjoy the serene surroundings, feed the ducks by the pond, and perhaps bring a picnic basket for a cozy outdoor meal.

Coffee and Conversation at Wayland's Yard

Head to Wayland's Yard for a relaxed coffee date. This trendy spot offers a cozy atmosphere, delicious coffee, and a chance to engage in meaningful conversation.

Canal-side Dining at Diglis House Hotel

Experience romantic waterside dining at Diglis House Hotel. Enjoy a meal with picturesque views of the Worcester and Birmingham Canal, creating the perfect setting for a memorable first date.

Art and Culture at The Hive

Explore The Hive, a unique library and cultural center. Attend an art exhibit or cultural event together, fostering a shared appreciation for creativity and learning.

River Severn Boat Trip

Embark on a scenic boat trip along the River Severn. It's a delightful way to enjoy each other's company while taking in the picturesque landscapes surrounding Worcester.

Live Music at Marrs Bar

For a lively evening, check out Marrs Bar, a popular venue for live music. Enjoy a performance together, showcasing local talent and adding a vibrant touch to your first date.

Climb Worcester Beacon

For the adventurous couple, climb Worcester Beacon on the Malvern Hills. The panoramic views make for a unique and memorable experience, creating a strong connection between you both.

Delightful first date ideas tailored for singles in Redditch

Nature Walk in Arrow Valley Park

Begin your date with a leisurely stroll through Arrow Valley Park. The scenic surroundings and tranquil lakes provide a perfect backdrop for getting to know each other.

Artistic Exploration at The Space Upstairs

Head to The Space Upstairs for an artistic experience. This creative venue often hosts art exhibitions, providing an opportunity to appreciate local talent and engage in meaningful conversation.

Casual Dining at The Old Rectifying House

Enjoy a casual yet delightful dining experience at The Old Rectifying House. The cozy atmosphere and delicious menu make it an ideal spot for a relaxed first date.

Bowling Fun at Superbowl UK Redditch

Add a bit of fun to your first date with a bowling session at Superbowl UK Redditch. It's a great way to break the ice and enjoy some friendly competition.

Live Music at The Oast House

Check out The Oast House for live music events. Enjoy the local music scene and share a night of entertainment in a relaxed pub atmosphere.

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